The grain of wood, in trees several hundred years old, contains meditations and songs that it has obtained from its close relationships with sunlight, earth, wind and rain. A tree that has grown tall by absorbing water and nutrients during its long lifetime, and by having deep conversations with the sun and the wind, possesses within it the mystery of the earth drawn from its roots, as well as the numerous stories of sunlight, moonlight and insects extracted from its leaves. A tree is destined to fall, but its thoughts and feelings survive for eternity within the grain.
                                                       - Jeong Mog-il
   Throughout my journey in artistic woodworking I have used a variety of materials and incorporated many techniques. Specifically, I now often use reclaimed or salvaged wood and traditional joinery and design. The only constant characteristic of my work is the craftsmanship. I believe my projects are studies of themselves and are only truly finished when I would be proud to have them in my home.
                                                       - Mark Morris