Before I moved to South Korea I had a wood shop in Southern California building custom or bespoke furniture. I decided it was important to learn more about woodworking, as well as business, in order to deliver the type of furniture that is artisan crafted and completely customizable. So I took a break and a career change to move abroad and used this opportunity to study Korean, Japanese and Chinese wood joinery. I had an amazing apprenticeship at a shop in Korea and built traditional windows and doors for hanoks (traditional Korean houses) and temples. This experience taught me how to get back to the basics of woodworking such as hand tooling and joinery. Focusing on eco-friendly custom building or functional works of art, I am ready to move back to the U.S. designing and building custom furniture‚Ķagain.
   At this time my plan is to be home in the beginning of 2015 to bring you furniture to last that will fit your home, your life and your lifestyle better than a factory made piece ever could.
‚Äč   If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at: