pronunciation: IPA: /treːow/

1. truth, fidelity

2. large woody plant; tree (noun)

An Old English word, treow means “tree” or “oak tree”. The oak tree was common to Indo Europeans and they began to call all trees by this. The word “oak” was later changed to mean oak tree. “Tree” is related to “true”, which meant "steady or firm", a lot like an oak tree.

   Throughout time trees have developed relationships with, and possess countless stories from, their surroundings. My love for trees and nature started at a young age. It has since developed into a passion for preserving the lumber trees provide by creating furniture people are proud to own and possibly pass on through generations.
   I began my studies and development of skills in woodworking with a strong interest in design from the Arts and Craft Movement. As I progressed, I became more influenced by Japanese design and woodworking techniques. Most recently I gained a great interest in mixing traditional and contemporary techniques and materials. In the summer of 2011, I began work in a shop that specialized in the fabrication of traditional Korean windows and doors. It was an incredible experience to learn customary Korean techniques and use Korean and Japanese hand tools. Along with learning and working in the shop I was able to work onsite at a Buddhist temple and helped build a hanok - a traditional Korean home.